IMPORTANT HEALTH UPDATE Feb 4, 2019 Posted at 9:00 AM


Feb 4, 2019 Posted at 9:00 AM
Hey guys. Last April 2018, I was in a car accident. The other driver ran into me hard on my driver’s side, and there was nothing I could have done to prevent it. His car was totaled, mine was practically totaled, and I suffered a concussion as a result. 

The weeks and months following were messy. Between debilitating symptoms, improper guidance from my *then* neurologist and a busy career schedule, I had little to no MENTAL REST. Per the instructions of my neurologist at the time, I was in physical therapy but otherwise, continued life as normal. So two weeks after my accident, I was back to traveling on planes, making music, career planning, and working my brain hard. Nobody told me this could make things worse. 

September came, and I was beginning to feel a little better, but far from 100%. I figured everything would subside with time. So I wrote my new show, and began my tour in October. 

And during the tour, I was running on such high adrenaline that I didn’t really feel the intensity of the symptoms as they were returning. 

As tour ended and my schedule relaxed in November, I got hit with a relapse that was worse than the initial concussion. I met a NEW neurologist, who is a God-send, and he has me on the right track to healing. 

He ordered STRICT BRAIN REST. So for the last 6 weeks, I have been doing NO: reading, driving, watching TV/movies, extended time on technology, writing music, heavy physical activity, etc. And I am so happy to report that I’m beginning to feel better each day. My brain hasn’t yet fully healed, so now is the time to let that happen. 

I wanted to let you know that I won’t be going on tour again this school year, and it’ll be a couple of months before I can write and create music again. But I’m STILL HERE! 

I’ll still be posting, you can still write to me, Team Lizzie is still working behind the scenes, and some cool announcements are still coming. 

And when the time comes to hit the ground running with touring and new music and more... It’s going to be AWESOME. I’m gonna come back stronger and more ready to roar than ever. You can BET on that. 

Love y’all.